Notre Dame on Fire


In Save Notre Dame on Fire, you will be literally trying to Save Notre Dame on Fire. Will you be able to save this historic and monumental Cathedral before it goes up in flames?

Working as a team of 2, you become the hero and experience in total safety situations that would be far too dangerous or just impossible to do in real life.

Developed by Ubisoft

Game Type Age Players Theme Duration Difficulty
VR Escape Room
45 mins


Save Notre Dame on Fire is played with the HTC Vive Pro 2.0 with a wireless adapter, which is some of the latest technology in wireless VR for multiplayer, free-roam games. This enables the player to move around freely in the area, which adds to the immersive experience, which is what VR is all about!

This means that you are not stuck to a cable in one spot and can walk around freely, without having to wear a laptop backpack which can get tiring. With Wireless VR you are not stuck to a cable and standing or sitting in one spot. When you are stuck to a cable your head constantly gets jerked back if you move too far. Sitting while doing VR can also cause dizziness and motion sickness, which is significantly reduced when doing wireless VR where you can walk around freely. 

That is why at VR Kingdom, all our VR Games Experiences are wireless and you are not stuck to cable sitting or standing in one spot. 

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