Play Creed Rise of Glory VR style! Inspired by the Creed films, challenge top opponents to establish your boxing legacy. Book your VR experience now!

VR Chat

VR Chat

VR Chat lets you fully embody custom avatars, play social games, and connect with friends in new ways. Play VR Chat at VR Kingdom. Book Now!

Titans of Space

Titans of Space

Just how big is big? Discover the answer as you tour through this holographic miniature Solar System, then venture beyond to visit some of the largest known stars.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

Get ready for a VR Kingdom Sydney experience like no other with Pistol Whip. Get ready to shoot, melee, and dodge targets.

National Geographic Explore

National Geography

With a mission to capture photographs for the National Geographic magazine, this interactive experience lets the entire family discover the world without ever leaving home.

Mission ISS

ISS Tournament

In this Emmy-nominated simulation, learn how to move and work in zero-gravity using your controllers. Dock a space capsule, take a spacewalk, and let real NASA astronauts guide you on the ISS through informative videos and images.

Angry Birds VR – Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds

Get ready for over 50-fun-filled levels in the VR game Angry Birds – Isle of Pigs. Suitable for players over the age of 6+. Prices starting from $25.

Vader Immortal I , II , III

Vader Immortal

Step inside a galaxy far, far away with Vader Immortal: Episode I. Solve mysteries and hone your lightsaber skills in this popular VR Arcade Game. Book Now!

Sports Scramble

sports scramble

Take your favorite sports and mix them together! And don’t forget to go online and compete against other Sports Scramblers in a myriad of multiplayer modes. Play Sports Scramble at VR Kingdom Sydney Today!

Anne Frank VR

Anne Frank

An emotional, uncompromising look at the WWII-era Secret Annex that housed Anne Frank, her family, and 4 others, Anne Frank House VR immerses players in a hauntingly real depiction of their two years spent hiding from Nazis.